Friday, September 22, 2017

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-Class Sedan

The luxury sedan is a top-line model that also comes in a coupe, convertible and an estate wagon.

Mercedes Benz E-class type is the best in luxury Mercedes mempu Indonesia which won the top position in the competitive premium car. Mercedes E-class existence can become a champion in the premium vehicle segment.

E-class is the favorite car for the middle segment of luxury vehicles. Mercedes E-class model offers safety features, such as traction control, brake assist and stability control. Sales of Mercedes Benz E-class in Indonesia is highly in demand and able to beat the nearest competitor in its class.

Features of Mercedes E Class:

  • Autopilot control

  • Good Looking

  •  Ergonomic Contour of Chair

  • Reduce outside force Impact such if there is explosion

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tips Buy Second Car

Tips How To Buy Second Car

You can buy a car, you may choose old or new car. If second car you may need to go to car show room that sometime provide this second car. You must try the car first before you decide to buy those car. You must ask the car condition and if there are guarantee about the right of information you ask the guarantee, but If don't any guarantee you ask other information about your car to choice as much as possible, because second car usually can't predict the condition. Usually they will offer other car if the condition make you doubt.

You must know the condition of second car because it will any problem in the future, it is exactly. So you must understand what usually problem on used car and you must detect one bu one the possibility of problem will coming soon.

To buy new car you just need to compare among new car, from the internet and you can compare of each condition. This is different with buy old car, you should have information about new of certain can and compare to get the percentage condition of second car. First you must get information from the internet about new car, the second you can observe on car showroom to compare the car condition with the new one. Better you ever try to drive the new condition and you can try of the second car one. To try drive of new car usually you can get this chance if there are any car exhibition.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mercedes A Class

Look the model and experience of Mercedes A - Class here, compare to Mercedes C - Class.

Mercedes A Class

Experience on using Mercedes A Class:

Test Drive

Before you buy this car, you can request for test drive, for this you contact your nearest dealer to request test drive. You also can request brochures of this car to know more deep and deep into your heart make you can't sleep because the price of this car so high US $ 49,800. 

Read the brochures just like this:

Deep-rooted traditions: in our case, it is innovative traditions that run deep. We have continually gone down previously uncharted avenues. Milestone by milestone. These ventures spawned the first vehicle with a crumple zone, the first ABS, the first diesel passenger car. The first car. But rather than dwelling on the past, let us look to the future.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – on the road to accident-free driving. We develop intelligent assistance
systems which actively support the driver and noticeably relieve their workload. They monitor and analyse the vehicle’s surroundings and handling characteristics – and warn the driver if they identify any critical situations. When necessary, some of the systems are able to intervene to take corrective action. Potential dangers are identified earlier than ever – and ever more frequently avoided as a result.

Discover the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive at BlueEFFICIENCY – our vision of emission-free driving. Sustainability is a big word to which we lend real meaning in all that we do, down to the smallest details. From minimizing the environmental impact of our production operations to alternative drive configurations.

4MATIC – driven by new challenges, the vision of optimum traction led the Mercedes-Benz engineers to the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. That is where, in 1985, they unveiled 4MATIC, an innovative traction system working with state-of-the-art microelectronics and hydraulics. Just two years later it entered series production in the E-Class. It has continued its triumphal advance ever since in virtually all model series. And on every terrain. 75 models are now out on the road with 4MATIC and it is tailor-made for each class. Comfortable and efficiently configured for the compact class, right through to extremely sporty for the Mercedes-AMG performance models. For more safety and an intensive driving experience in every single moment.

As you can see, we have major goals in our sights. And what could be better than seeing these aims achieved whilst on a long drive in a Mercedes?

Friday, September 8, 2017

Mercedes Benz C Class

This car is developed to make three pointed quality, safety, luxury and more attainable. This compact sedan stands as the direct forerunner of the C-Class, some 8,5 million sales stand as MB’s commercial proof of concept over four generation, and the way things are going, those sales are set to continue.The new generation of Mercedes C-Class actually is not all new car, but instead a revised 204 series that produced in 2007.

For different country may have different content of this new parts, but for US market this car get refreshed front and rear styling, three more efficient engines, a new gearbox, a revised interior and driving aids previously only available on MB’s more expensive models, including lane keeping assist, brake assist, adaptive highbeam assist, blind spot assist and parktronic. Other parts that still available like no diesel engine, no manual gearboxes. All engines reside under a new aluminum hood and behind a facelifted nose featuring new headlights.

 with roof cover

without roof cover

Thursday, September 7, 2017

What the Price of New Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes S Class Price

Mercedes S-class will release of new model in the year of 2013 base on the available mobel with modified in several parts. The price of this Mercedes S-class is vary for certain country, here is the pices on certain country: compare to Mercedes C-Class

• Mercedes S-Class in India have prices Rs. 8,557,999
• Indonesian Price for new condition has prices Rp. 1,249,000,000
• Mercedes Benz SLK 200 CGI (new) 2011 has prices Rp. 949,000,000
To see this new version of Mercedes S-Class, look on the picture below:

Mercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class

Dashboard and Stir of Mercedes S Class
Interior dashboard


Mercedes car Accessories inside and outside

Engine of Mercedes Car in order structure
Engine Profile

Mercedes Logo for original car
Mercedes Logo